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"Filling the Gap for What's Next!"

Here at MFAD Creative Group LLC., we specialize in filling the gap for businesses and agencies. With hands-on capacity building, we provide small disadvantaged businesses with the resources they need to thrive. Our small business technical assistance program helps to build technical capacity to work with resource partners and business development agencies. Contact us today and use our expertise, resources, and experience to advance your business.


MFAD Creative Group LLC is a leader in government contracting services, providing solutions to businesses of all sizes. Working under the guidance of Dr. Bridge Builder, we specialize in areas such as business research, technical assistance, program development, advising, procurement, and contract capacity development. Our focus on SMWBE/SDB outreach ensures that every client has access to the resources and support they need to succeed. Contact us today to learn more.

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MFAD Founder - The Multi-Award winning researcher and strategist

Dr. Shantana L. Robinson 

Contributing to over 2.5 million dollars in funding for small businesses over the last three years! 

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"After MFAD came on board and did our SMWBE outreach, we saw a 20% increase in minority firms!" -Prime Corp. 

"We were so used to being pointed to a website, having MFAD walk us through the certification process we got certified on the first attempt!" - SDB client 

"Dr. Shay has hosted over 80 webinars for us; our small business clients have truly enjoyed her Golden Nuggets for success!" -Women's Business Center Director 

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